The Teddy Bear Phenomenon

To empathize with me in the case of this phenomenon you have to imagine the next situation:

“Ouch!” – yells my significant other, wearing pajamas, while holding his little finger on the left hand. “I hit the wall with my pinky. It hurts so much!”

One pause lasting 30 seconds, and then I cautiously reveal the truth to him so I don’t hurt him when he just woke up – “You know, you hit the teddy bear, the one decorating the bed… :)”. We laugh for thirty seconds and then a moving sentence – “But it didn’t feel so, the pain felt real like I smashed my finger into the wall! Why did it feel so real?”. And there it came into existence, the enigma I called the Teddy bear phenomenon. A very similar situation happened to me but in the less funny way, so I decided to dip my toes in it. 🙂

Dreams, Anticipation, and Senses

What happened there reminded me of a list of unexplained situations related to dreaming. Sometimes our senses can go wild while we’re sleeping, and apparently, it can happen when we are awake also! We can hear the train passing by at 5 am – yeah, nothing strange except if the train station is 3km away and the sound is waking you up! We can moonwalk, feel unexplainable pain while sleeping, or dream anticipative dreams not connected with our life or plans… It’s so easy to explain anticipation when the dream is about the dreamer, but what if it’s about the collective? Have I crossed the line? Have I already said something not acceptable and surreal?

Usually, when it’s hard to research something it’s refused as irrelevant, or not known well enough, therefore not true. It’s well known from our history that the best discoveries were criticized the most or hidden for a long time, or they were replaced with a stupid alternative. 😀

I decided to see what’s on the net about this subject. I bumped into really good articles available for reading on the links through this text, I especially liked the last two of them. 😉 There are many experiences of interesting things happening to our minds even in the awake state and it can be seen from the comments in the link above if you take them into consideration. If so many people found it so easy to share their observations, it’s good enough for a start. At least no one will feel like a freak. It’s normal and common. Some books may help you find out more about yourselves and your dreams, but the concrete and detailed answer for the mysterious experiences while we sleep is still unavailable.

How much do we know about our brains? Is the extrovert culture so dominating that we are opened and amused so much more with the external research then internal? Or are we just detached more from ourselves than we are from our computers?

There are so many fascinating facts about our brains and thoughts, but still, we know so little. It’s beginning to be hard to ignore empirical claims and research. I’m not trying to make a supernatural story from nothing but to start a constructive discussion about your experiences that you don’t know how to clear out. How many of them happened to you? If the spirituality is a science just not explained yet, there is so much work to do as a human being. And if we do not share experiences how will we ever get enough material for the research? How long will we hug our teddy bears fearing to step out from the comfort zone and explore the possibilities of the unknown?

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