Elephant in the Room

A couple of days ago I saw an old music video on TV that made me think about all those deep-rooted things in society, or maybe human beings per se. It’s one of my favorite videos, and it’s for the song Another Chance from Roger Sanchez.

It’s an old hit, old enough to wake me up from lethargy, and make me ask a question – Has anything changed? Is there the same old elephant in the room?

Evidently, it perfectly describes a problem of a “too big-hearted” woman, but it is a man’s problem as well. It portrays how society shrinks our hearts.

But what is “too big heart”? Is there a clear border for emotions that we shouldn’t pass? From the video, it looks like we are living in a world where emotions are out, and being cool means not having a wide scale of those. Sadly, life often teaches us the same.

Business and heart

Is there something like a “heart too big” in business? How can it influence your job? Is “having a big heart” considered as an advantage or a flaw?

Personally, I think that emotions are good for a job. Yes, there are times when they may be a stumbling stone for a success, and they can cause conflicts, but ultimately they are the ones that will lead you to the right path. Why? Because conflicts exist in order to be resolved and to make a transition from a bad state to a better one, which is healthier for you and your environment.

Also, if you are an empathetic person then you instinctively know what other people need, and it is a big advantage in marketing or business in general.

That’s why I like this music video. It is a perfect picture of a “small heart syndrome”, world wide spread, and a perfect attempt to change something for the better!

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