Creating Pleasure

Pleasure is born from hard times.

Yes, it can sound rough, but the laws of the universe seem to work that way. Why?

I was thinking about suffering and joy when I realized it’s about physics! 🙂 It’s the law of action and reaction with a little karma gap, and it’s funny how it’s applicable in business and love. When you act you get a reaction. How?

Don't lose your heart

If you are having hard times, you’re growing, evolving, and eventually overcoming situation by starting a new cycle of good times, or in reverse. These shifts can happen suddenly or slowly, but they are there as long as we live. When you work hard, sooner or later it comes back to you as a success. It’s usually represented as + for success and for hard work, but one can not exist without the other.

The amount of energy you invest in something comes back to you. You can lose to gain or gain to lose. You will most conveniently do both and at the same time, just in different fields. 🙂

Simplified – If you’re lazy today you’ll have to pay for it tomorrow, if you’re hardworking today, you’ll be lazy on the beach with fruits of pleasure tomorrow. And the best of everything is that if you are refusing to accept this cycle, you’ll snap in both cases – overwork and overchill both have their own consequences. Even the “born successful” people are not escaping this law. 🙂

So, work when you work and enjoy your prize without remorse. But never forget that every blessing has its own curse, and every curse has its own blessing. That’s why I really like the following video that inspired me to scribe this – The myth of Cupid and Psyche 🙂 

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