Top five life-changing books

It’s strange how we can get confused when someone asks us for a favorite film, song, book, or place. You can say anything as an answer, but can it be precise? In my case, it almost always has to be a couple of answers, that cover different periods of time in life. We change but some things will stay perfect for a specific age even when we surpass them, for example, child literature.

I feel free to say that I have a 1000 favorite songs and 100 best movies, all for different moods. If you are at least averagely interested in some field, there has to be a dozen things that affect and emotionally awake you.

When it comes to a book, I have a simple method of distinction that works for now. I count the one that I’d read at least twice! 😀 That’s how I made a short list of books below, that had an impact on me. I use the same method to classify some places as favorites. If I want to go there twice, it stands up. Naturally, those are expandable lists, very dependable on my experiences. 🙂 Nevertheless, I’ll share my top list in case you are just scrolling for some good read suggestion.

a pen

But please, let me know if you have some other criteria for this kind of top lists. How do you make up your mind? How do you answer that famous question – What’s your favorite? It’s surpassed to ask that, but still inevitable. As far as I know, top lists are still some of the most popular things people are interested in reading on the internet. Top of everything! 🙂 But if it’s surpassed to ask a question of favorite, why are those lists about the best way, top ten, favorite from so loved?

For me, these works of literature were good enough to repeat the coffee, blanket, and smell of an ink time in some part of my life path. These books are too famous to need an introduction, but the links are still here. 😉 Here’s the list!

Siddhartha – a novel by Hermann Hesse

Man and His Symbols by Carl Gustav Jung

Follow your Heart (Va’ dove ti porta il cuore) by Susanna Tamaro 

Harry Potter series of fantasy novels by J. K. Rowling

The little prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 

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