Top List Of Cartoons – Inner Child Advises

As a break from suggesting destinations for a break, I decided to share one very special story and in addition, a very special list of cartoons.

When I was 25 years old someone older than me told me that he’s watching cartoons and that they can often be a better amusement than movies. – Yeah, if you’re a child! – I said (please don’t judge me just yet). Also, that same person told me that he thought that this kind of entertainment was more in harmony with my personality, especially since I was whining so much because of all the violence in movies.

I was shocked! At that point in my life, I haven’t been watching cartoons for more than 10 years. I had my worries. But there was a person whose opinion was important to me, and he was saying this silly thing that I should watch cartoons. Not one but the whole bunch of them! He had the argument, so I had to listen to his advise and to watch some cartoons. 🙂 I fell in love!

Later, I found out that more than a half of my friends were watching cartoons, more or less. We never talked about that until I asked. They assumed I watched them, and I assumed they didn’t. Wrong assumption, and a total ignoring of my inner child. Big mistake! 🙂

Now, I proudly say that I am a big fan of cartoons! Although I might be a bit older than the average viewer I don’t think that I’m less enthusiastic when a good one comes on the screen. 🙂 It’s evident that many of them are made not only for the youngest audience but also for those who are young in the soul. Also, it seems to me that messages from them are often deeper than those from movies, and the humor is not lacking, on the contrary. That’s why I decided to make a list of the best cartoons, for when I want to laugh again someday or to be a good adviser when a friend asks me which one to watch. Why not share it? I don’t have a doubt that you’ve seen some of them, but some of them may be new for you.

May it help you when you get in the mood for bringing back the childhood or when you’re analyzing what’s best for your child to watch!

Top Cartoons Watched Lately

And if you are really a hater of cartoons than just let me mention one more thing – I enjoyed Maleficent and a stunning French movie – La Belle et la Bette. If something is left out feel free to search more, add it, and share it.

But who was the person who read me so well and gave me such a great advise “in harmony with my personality”? Well, he was my friend then, became my husband after. ❤

Men, watch who you give your cartoon advises to! 😀

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