The Master and Margarita Confrontation

I heard your voice in the wind,

and saw your face in my dream,

I glared to see, but I was blind,

not for a moment, this was in my mind.

Everything turned in just one second,

like a distant memory was forsaken,

and it led me all the way in the dark,

to leave me with a red mark.

Screaming with the wind of change,

every little thing felt so strange,

never for a second I gave you up,

and that is why I am so stuck,

Cause you saw me with a stripped skin,

like no one else has ever seen.

So hear me out just once more,

to find out how master knocked on your door.

There was a devil standing behind,

Eleven years from here to the past time

playing a good advisor of five

he wasn’t naive, that part was mine.

He took us all from the right track,

but you see the best was Jack.

And so I imprisoned myself alone,

no one else knows for his crazy car tone.

but you will know and understand,

that’s not a guilt of one man.

it was a net of life and death,

I never meant to be your threat.

If there’s the love I give my life,

although for a lie, never again will I cry.

For there he stood with the big guilt,

but never took down a mask of a build.

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