Knock Of Change

The change is a fearless lover of new, a bit irresponsible player, bringing the prosperity or the destruction. On the contrary, the habit has a calming touch of known and safe, but
it’s filled with a devastating waiting. Habits are always waiting for something beautiful to happen without any risk, and of course, it never happens that way. Sometimes, habits have a great fear of change. That fear can often be hidden behind a habit of not having a habit.

For something beautiful to happen, we need the change and the habit to get along well. And now, after a long silence…

Knock, knock!

Habit: Who’s there?

Change: The Change.

What are you going to do? Will you open the door? You know there are some changes that will break the strongest doors. Also, the habits could die of boredom waiting for the riskless opportunities, if the doors never open.

It’s natural to open and hug a change, love it, live it! That’s how the doors always stay safe. And it’s all about the doors! They matter, and we all tend to forget about them. We all forget the doors of life, the place where the habits and changes meet.

Hey! Just, don’t forget the doors. 🙂

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