Wroclaw in 10 Photos and 10 Sentences

Wroclaw – a colorful place in Poland that looks like the one from a story where the houses were made of chocolate and marmalade. 🙂 On purpose or by chance it has the best free animation for tourists that I have seen so far, chasing dwarfs is one of the funniest ways of sightseeing. For less than a dollar, I bought a paper map containing spots of the dwarf statues and I felt as if I were in a Pokemon game, but with group selfies and a retro map! 🙂

Of course, with its history, museums, Town Hall, Market Square, Ostrow Tumski with the “love bridge”, and all the other magnificent places, this city has so much more to offer, but to track Wroclaw’s dwarfs was an unusual experience. I was thinking a bit about their popularity among the visitors and the reasons for it.

That’s the thing with tourism, you always have to find a new way to amuse your guests. It’s not about chasing for what the competition has, it’s what you have and they don’t! We can not all be the same, the beauty lies in the difference and that’s how this city stands up, it’s unique. This seems to me like a good example of differentiation in a crowded market.

Legend says that if you touch the tongue of the bear statue in the square you will come back to Wroclaw, and thanks to our friends we found out for this just in time to secure our comeback in the future. 🙂


a road

What Do You Need for a 4000km-Long Road Trip?

I love traveling by car. In June last year, my husband and I traveled from Belgrade to Paris in order to attend WordCamp Europe (it was great!). We took a slightly longer route and we traveled for more than 4000km within two weeks. Whenever we go by car, we make tours which include visiting various places, even if we only have one day for a break. If it’s a long trip from one big city to another, we make stops in smaller towns that we like or would like to see. Strangely, exactly those “on a side stops” often make a bigger impression on us than the “main destination”. 🙂 Also, it can cost less than the other means of transportation if you want to see the whole coast of Spain (like our friends) or 10 European cities in 14 days (like we did). 🙂 Continue reading “What Do You Need for a 4000km-Long Road Trip?”



Dance, we dance by the shore,

on the road of dreams to open the door.

Awakened by the spirit of sound,

We dance for life that we have found.

Dance, we dance with the waves,

the purity of what our soul craves

the deepest sea is in our mind,

invisible yet the strongest bind.

Dance, we dance with the pounding,

Universe beat is all surrounding

To feel the dark and see the dawn,

cause that’s what for we are born.

Dance, we dance until we fly,

When we let go, our hands touch the sky.

The Earth’s breathing your feet can feel,

As Moon and Sun, that’s fully real.


A million crystals flew from the heart

right into the eyes to spark from the start.

There they stood but never were seen,

silence covered what might have been.

The sky was too big, hope scattered away,

Can never bound something that wasn’t meant to stay.

Light of the stars was defenseless that night,

powers of the Moon were glaring too bright.

If there was a sound, I couldn’t hear more

than what has whispered already before.

The river’s breeze singing a song

without a word – no right, no wrong.


Top five life-changing books

It’s strange how we can get confused when someone asks us for a favorite film, song, book, or place. You can say anything as an answer, but can it be precise? In my case, it almost always has to be a couple of answers, that cover different periods of time in life. We change but some things will stay perfect for a specific age even when we surpass them, for example, child literature.

Continue reading “Top five life-changing books”