Knock Of Change

The change is a fearless lover of new, a bit irresponsible player, bringing the prosperity or the destruction. On the contrary, the habit has a calming touch of known and safe, but
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The Story of a Little Story

Once there was a little story who wanted to grow. It wanted to be there for everyone, to learn and to teach. But the story was small and fragile, and so it was sitting in the memory – it’s the foggy place where all the best stories hide until someone finds them and brings them to the light.

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Top five life-changing books

It’s strange how we can get confused when someone asks us for a favorite film, song, book, or place. You can say anything as an answer, but can it be precise? In my case, it almost always has to be a couple of answers, that cover different periods of time in life. We change but some things will stay perfect for a specific age even when we surpass them, for example, child literature.

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