• Knock Of Change - The change is a fearless lover of new, a bit irresponsible player, bringing the prosperity or the destruction. On the contrary, the habit has a calming touch of known and safe, but
  • String - A string attached, My pain and joy, A curse and blessing, Without confessing.
  • The Story of a Little Story - Once there was a little story who wanted to grow. It wanted to be there for everyone, to learn and to teach. But the story was small and fragile, and so it was sitting in the memory – it’s the foggy place where all the best stories hide until someone finds them and brings them …

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  • Paris vs. Strasbourg - Paris  Paris – the city of love, light, and art. It is one of the most visited cities in the world. Rich in contrasts and the largest metropolitan area in Europe with 12 million people.
  • The Master and Margarita Confrontation - I heard your voice in the wind, and saw your face in my dream,
  • Following The Danube – The Source Of Legends (Part 2) - Where the Danube is Widest and Strongest I was away for quite some time now, and there’s no good excuse for that. I’m sorry for procrastination. I came back with a nice story and new experiences. Now let’s chase Danube legends once more! 🙂
  • Top List Of Cartoons – Inner Child Advises - As a break from suggesting destinations for a break, I decided to share one very special story and in addition, a very special list of cartoons.
  • Following The Danube – The Source Of Legends (Part 1) - The old man was in a hurry to put a bowl of milk closer to the cliff, from where he has been overwatching the Danube often. Hoping for the help he was praying to the aquatic fairy to save his boat and to clear the clouds for him.
  • Wroclaw in 10 Photos and 10 Sentences - Wroclaw – a colorful place in Poland that looks like the one from a story where the houses were made of chocolate and marmalade. 🙂 On purpose or by chance it has the best free animation for tourists that I have seen so far, chasing dwarfs is one of the funniest ways of sightseeing. For less …

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  • What Do You Need for a 4000km-Long Road Trip? - I love traveling by car. In June last year, my husband and I traveled from Belgrade to Paris in order to attend WordCamp Europe (it was great!). We took a slightly longer route and we traveled for more than 4000km within two weeks. Whenever we go by car, we make tours which include visiting various places, even if we …

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  • Dance - Dance, we dance by the shore, on the road of dreams to open the door. Awakened by the spirit of sound, We dance for life that we have found. Dance, we dance with the waves, the purity of what our soul craves the deepest sea is in our mind, invisible yet the strongest bind. Dance, we …

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  • Silence - A million crystals flew from the heart right into the eyes to spark from the start. There they stood but never were seen, silence covered what might have been. The sky was too big, hope scattered away, Can never bound something that wasn’t meant to stay. Light of the stars was defenseless that night, powers of the Moon were …

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  • Top five life-changing books - It’s strange how we can get confused when someone asks us for a favorite film, song, book, or place. You can say anything as an answer, but can it be precise? In my case, it almost always has to be a couple of answers, that cover different periods of time in life. We change but some things will stay …

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  • Creating Pleasure - Pleasure is born from hard times.
  • About Motivation and Vienna 🙂 - Everyone should be self starters. Still, most of the people just need a gentle push in the right direction in order to feel motivated. If it’s not there, then it’s hard not to ask a question – What for? But if it’s there it’s impossible not to ask – Why not? 🙂 It’s funny how …

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  • My Drawing Experience – Zen Day -
  • Belgrade City Guide - A few friends from England asked for an advice and fun facts about Belgrade so I decided to write a little tour guide here and to make it possible for all our friends to see it. Get ready to find out something new! 🙂
  • Elephant in the Room - A couple of days ago I saw an old music video on TV that made me think about all those deep-rooted things in society, or maybe human beings per se. It’s one of my favorite videos, and it’s for the song Another Chance from Roger Sanchez.
  • About Words - Sparkling words in the days of drink, they made me do it, it’s not what I think, It’s what I feel the whole day long, that is what counts, correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂