Paris vs. Strasbourg


 Paris – the city of love, light, and art. It is one of the most visited cities in the world. Rich in contrasts and the largest metropolitan area in Europe with 12 million people. Continue reading “Paris vs. Strasbourg”

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What Do You Need for a 4000km-Long Road Trip?

I love traveling by car. In June last year, my husband and I traveled from Belgrade to Paris in order to attend WordCamp Europe (it was great!). We took a slightly longer route and we traveled for more than 4000km within two weeks. Whenever we go by car, we make tours which include visiting various places, even if we only have one day for a break. If it’s a long trip from one big city to another, we make stops in smaller towns that we like or would like to see. Strangely, exactly those “on a side stops” often make a bigger impression on us than the “main destination”. 🙂 Also, it can cost less than the other means of transportation if you want to see the whole coast of Spain (like our friends) or 10 European cities in 14 days (like we did). 🙂 Continue reading “What Do You Need for a 4000km-Long Road Trip?”